VFO Purity & Quality

At Vann Family Orchards, purity and quality control (PQC) is the highest priority throughout the entire production process. Although maintaining our high standards requires additional procedures, we believe they are a small price to pay to maintain the integrity of our product.

High quality almonds start with company-wide shared values, the collective effort of our VFO team, and the support of our well-established industry partnerships.

In coordination with experienced growers, we have the ability to pre-select almonds before they arrive to our facility. This allows a proactive approach, before processing even begins.

We’ve built our team carefully, selecting experienced operators that understand the complex science, and delicate balance of almond processing. Sharing our high standards of success, each of our operators possess a strong knowledge base pertaining to quality in all aspects of the process.

As the quality of California almonds has evolved, VFO has continually embraced the technological advances available. Through research, and with the help of domestic and international industry professionals, we’ve implemented a variety of technology solutions, each unique in both design and function.